Welcome to the SportsPress Developmental Website!

Photo Credit: SportsPress

Welcome to the developmental website for the website SportsPress. This site aims to give writers who wish to write for SportsPress the opportunity to improve on their writing skills before being able to publish articles on the main SportsPress site itself. Although the site is owned by the SportsPress owner, who is me, Asher Fair, following the set-up of this page, this page will be 100% managed and operated by the prospective SportsPress authors. The site is pretty much a mirror image of SportsPress, but it is the authors’ jobs themselves to maintain it instead of mine as the owner. The goal is for them to maintain it in terms of articles and standings pages while publishing articles will little to no spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Hopefully this works out and eventually everyone writing for this website can improve enough and become official writers for SportsPress!


-Asher Fair

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