Shane Vereen Re-Tears Triceps

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New York Giants running back Shane Vereen has re-injured his triceps in Sunday’s win vs. the Detroit Lions. Earlier this season, week 3 to be exact, Vereen tore his triceps against the Washington Redskins, keeping him out till week 14.

Vereen, 27, is more of a receiving back then a running back. He spent his first 4 seasons with the New England  Patriots, then signing with the Giants where he is now. He is in his second year with New York. On 311 carries, Vereen has 1,325 yards and 8 TD’s. Receiving wise, Vereen has 177 receptions (259 targets) 1,612 yards and 11 TD’s. Vereen has only played in 5 games this year as he has 33 carries for 158 yards and 1 TD’s. Vereen also has 11 receptions for 94 yards.

Vereen left week 14 (win over Dallas) early with a concussion. He was in concussion watch all week but did play against the Lions where he agitated his Triceps once again. It is not known how serious the injury is, but I would expect Vereen to be injured for the remainder of the regular season, and potentially the post season if the Giants end up making it in.


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