Why The Cleveland Browns Luck Will Change

Photo Credit: usatoday.com

The NFL season is almost over, and the Cleveland Browns have yet to win a game. After many disappointing seasons, they’ll need to make some big offseason moves if they’d like to be a contender in the AFC. Luckily, they have the pieces to do that. The Browns will have 2 of some of the top picks in the draft to either use for themselves, or trade. Their own pick, is most likely going to be in the top 3. They also have a probable top 10 pick in which they acquired in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns have weaknesses across the board but they’ll be able to address a few of them this offseason. One being quarterback. Having the top pick gives them the ability to select a quarterback such as Deshone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, or Mitch Trubisky. They also have the option to trade it down for some later picks. Or they could select the top player on the board, Myles Garrett, a defensive end out of Texas A&M. All of these options could be a successful move for them. They’re able to take a risk this year because of their other first round pick. My prediction for the Browns, is that they select Myles Garrett with the 1st overall pick, and see if they can snag a quarterback with their other first rounder. If one isn’t available at that point, they can wait till next year and pursue Josh Rosen from UCLA. The sophomore has been the top projected prospect for a couple years and he’d be a good, young quarterback that they could develop for the future. The Browns aren’t playing well right now, but it looks like luck could finally becoming their way this offseason.

– Joey Higginbotham


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