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Accountability is an important key in the life of a star athlete. The sooner an athlete takes responsibility for their poor actions, the sooner fans forgive and the media forgets. Being a star athlete is a package deal, even if you’re not being paid. It comes with fame, soon to be money (assuming the college athlete makes the pros), and being a role model. Being a role model is an important key in this big stage of a lifestyle because bad behavior wouldn’t be a topic if it wasn’t. The expectation of an athlete is to take ownership of their flaws when addressed.

Professional athletes suffer consequences when they make mistakes, usually resulting in a fine or suspension. College athletics are more flexible with the athlete because they remember that these players, coming right out of high school are going to have some maturing to do. All in all, if a player acts up more than one time normally action takes place although lately action has not taken place on one particular athletes actions. Star Junior point guard (PG) Grayson Allen has a problem with dirty play.

Apparently has become the new exception to being held responsible. During the course of the 2015-16′ college basketball season the Duke PG had many occasions where he get caught intentionally tripping opposing team players. Nobody even talked about suspension as he’s Duke’s golden boy. Early this season he has already picked up on his dirty play on several occasions, actually increasing the number of times he has tripped a player in 15 games then the whole 2015-16′ season. After the Elon game Allen apologized to the press, showing emotion and being sincere.

Allen was originally going to be suspended indefinitely, then indefinitely became a single game suspension after the apology. Although Allen only had a 1 game suspension, coach Mike Krzyzewski stripped captaincy of their golden boy. In the 1 game suspension the Blue Devils were obliterated by ACC opponent Virginia Tech. The star PG came back and started where he left off getting tangled up in another situation, nearly kicking a Boston College player’s personals while fighting through a pick. You’d think it would be a big deal again but the ACC let it continue.


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Against #9 Florida State, their was another controversial incident involving Grayson Allen. Allen was running after a loose ball and pushed an FSU assistant coach after he threw the ball in. The argument is if it was out of frustration or an accident catching his fall. Later that evening the assistant coach tweeted that it was a misunderstanding and he felt that he shouldn’t have been in the way of a close play taking place on the sideline. I feel that the coach was only doing the right thing by getting the media off the kids shoulders. Millennials have lost nearly all morals and the league allowing this kind of act is only setting up future generations for failure.


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