Super Bowl 51 Difference Makers

Photo Credit: 247sports

For the last two weeks we have been hearing about the star players for the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, but which lesser- known players could have an impact on the game?

1. Austin Hooper. The Atlanta Falcons tight end has been productive throughout the season and that could continue on Sunday. Because the Patriots have to worry about players like Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman, that will give Hooper some chances to make plays in one on one coverage.

2. James White. White has been used mainly as a receiving running back for the Patriots, he has been able to take pressure off of their receivers in the passing game. It’ll be interesting to see who the Falcons have covering White out of the backfield. If he is covered by a linebacker, he’ll have an advantage in the speed aspect (with the exception for Deion Jones).

3. Brooks Reed. The Falcons defensive end is a solid pass rusher but sometimes struggles against the run. If he can improve that part of his game, he could have a big impact in Sunday’s game.

4. Alan Branch. Branch hasn’t got a lot of credit this season, but he’s the main reason why the Patriots have been so good against the run. He’ll be going up against an injured Alex Mack so he could be a difference maker in this Super Bowl.

-Joey Higginbotham


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