The Top Contenders For Super Bowl LII

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The 2016 NFL season is now behind us, so which teams have the best chance to win Super Bowl LII?

1. New England Patriots. The Patriots have many key free agents from their 2016 team, but with almost $70 million in cap space, they will be able to re-sign some of them. The good thing for the Patriots is that all-pro tight end, Rob Gronkowski, is returning from injury. Their backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, is currently being targeted by multiple teams. If he is traded, the Patriots could obtain a high draft pick and select a player that will have an immediate impact for them.

2. Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were eliminated in their first playoff game, but they have talent on their team that should bring them closer to the Super Bowl. The development of second year players: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith, will be a main factor towards their success.

3. Oakland Raiders. The Raiders were one of the top teams in the NFL until star quarterback, Derek Carr, was sidelined for the remainder of the season with a leg injury. With Carr back, the Raiders have a good chance to be better than they were last year. If they improve their defense, they will definitely be able to challenge the Patriots and Steelers for the top spot in the AFC.

4. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons had one of the most dominant offenses of all time last year, but they failed to win against the Patriots. The loss of Kyle Shanahan will hurt their offense and coaching staff, but they should still be fine without him. They also have a young and fast defense that can force turnovers and give the ball back to their offense. With a little more improvement, the Falcons should contend for the super bowl again.

Joey Higginbotham

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