Genetically Tied?

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Penn State University’s football program had a rich history of winning. Well, until 2011, before all of their wins were vacated from the record books. Defensive Back coach Jerry Sandusky received 48 charges on accounts of sexual assault. He was found guilty of violating at least 10 kids over a span of 15 years within the Penn State football athletic facilities. As I mentioned earlier, they had to vacate all of their wins, they also fired legendary coach Joe Paterno, had to reduce to 10 initial scholarships and to 20 total, AND… was banned of bowl games for a total of 4 seasons. It was a close second to the death penalty and was certainly a hard pill to swallow, even for me, a non-Penn State fan.

You might be reading this asking why this is valid. All of the sanctions are complete and it seems as if the Nittany Lions are back at the top because they made a Rose Bowl appearance this season. It is valid because Jerry Sandusky’s son was recently arrested Monday evening for similar charges. Jeffrey Sandusky, age 41, was found guilty of child soliciting and child pornography. As depressing as this is, I cannot say that I am surprised. It is often that a monster of a father can lead their children to the same destiny. Most cases I’d say that the kids do not want to be like their fathers, assuming that they were victims of their fathers as well. It leads me to a question I am sure many others ask themselves as well, are these thinking’s genetically tied? and if so, how do we “cure” this sickness? Yes, there is evidence all over the place that it is but there is also evidence in the opposition. We need confirmation and we need them now because this is a true tragedy not only for the innocent children, but family members of the victims, family members of the guilty, and the entire Penn State community.



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