Every NFL Team’s Biggest Addition and Subtraction

Photo Credit: The Advocate Over the past few weeks we have witnessed the NFL offseason at its best. Free Agent Signings, trades, negotiations, and with all of that the NFL draft is coming up in about a month. So with that being said just about every team has added something of value and lost something of value at this point in the offseason. Here is every … Continue reading Every NFL Team’s Biggest Addition and Subtraction

2017 Philadelphia Phillies Predicted Stats

Photo Credit: Philly Influencer The 2017 MLB season is less than a month away and the Philadelphia Phillies are looking for their first winning season in 5 seasons. Whether they accomplish it or not the Phillies and their fans have a lot to be excited about. There is a lot of young talent that Phillies fans are either going to see flourish this season, or … Continue reading 2017 Philadelphia Phillies Predicted Stats

Eagles Defensive Grades

Photo Credit: Sporting News In an Earlier article I gave out grades to the majority of the Eagles offense. Here are my grades for the Eagles defense. Defensive Line: LE Connor Barwin: Grade: D+ Stats: 34 Total Tackles, 5.0 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble Connor Barwin had trouble making the shift from a 3-4 Outside Linebacker to a 4-3 Defensive End. He had made the adjustments … Continue reading Eagles Defensive Grades

The Roaring (20)20’s of Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated Philadelphia is considered to be one of the biggest sports cities in all of the United States of America. Fans are passionate about every team that represents the City of Brotherly Love. Although it hasn’t been easy for Philly fans to watch their teams over the past few years. The Eagles went 10-6 in both of the first two years of … Continue reading The Roaring (20)20’s of Philadelphia