Oregon Ducks wide receiver situation

Photo Credit: FishDuck After the horrific 4-8 season, the Oregon Ducks have been left with very little in the receiving core. We lost our number one receiver to Utah as we had no choice but to drop him. Jalen Brown transferred to Northwestern and Devon Allen has dropped football to do track full-time. As for returning players Taj Griffin and Charles Nelson Sr., they will … Continue reading Oregon Ducks wide receiver situation

Genetically Tied?

Photo Credit: http://www.reviewjournal.com Penn State University’s football program had a rich history of winning. Well, until 2011, before all of their wins were vacated from the record books. Defensive Back coach Jerry Sandusky received 48 charges on accounts of sexual assault. He was found guilty of violating at least 10 kids over a span of 15 years within the Penn State football athletic facilities. As I mentioned earlier, … Continue reading Genetically Tied?

Baylor Should Receive the Death Penalty

Photo Credit: ESPN San Antonio The death penalty is a punishment most people are not familiar with, probably because it has only been delivered to one Division I program in the history of NCAA football. Southern Methodist (SMU) was punished in 1986 for illegally recruiting. The athletic director at the time told the head football coach to purposely recruit illegally simply because he believed that that … Continue reading Baylor Should Receive the Death Penalty


Photo credit: usatoday.com Accountability is an important key in the life of a star athlete. The sooner an athlete takes responsibility for their poor actions, the sooner fans forgive and the media forgets. Being a star athlete is a package deal, even if you’re not being paid. It comes with fame, soon to be money (assuming the college athlete makes the pros), and being a role model. … Continue reading Accountability

Does Kansas Have Enough to Earn a 12th Straight Big 12 Title?

Photo credit: KUsports.com In the 1987-88 season, The University of Kansas and ‘Danny and the miracles’ snatched the 1988 National Title on Danny Manning’s game sealing free throws. As sweet as that sounds, legendary coach Larry Brown was facing multiple NCAA sanctions due to recruiting violations during the ’88 season, causing him to step down. Kansas was searching for a coach and found the perfect man, Roy Williams. Roy Williams had been an … Continue reading Does Kansas Have Enough to Earn a 12th Straight Big 12 Title?

Broken System

Photo credit: cdn.fbsschedules.com Money ties into false interpretations of who the best teams are in college football. The BCS era started in 1998 and promised every power 5 conference champion a spot in a BCS  bowl game regardless of their record, strength of schedule, or if there was a better non-power 5 conference team. Of course this is with the exception of the BCS National Championship game. … Continue reading Broken System

The Indiana Hoosiers lose to the Utah Utes in the Foster Farms Bowl

Photo credit: getmoresports.com Last Wednesday  the Indiana Hoosiers fell to the #19 Utah Utes in the Foster Farms Bowl game in San Francisco, California. The final score of the game was 26–24. This game marks the first time Hoosier coach Tom Allen debuted as a collegete head coach and was the second year in a row that the Hoosiers lost their bowl game by a … Continue reading The Indiana Hoosiers lose to the Utah Utes in the Foster Farms Bowl