The Top Contenders For Super Bowl LII

Photo Credit: The 2016 NFL season is now behind us, so which teams have the best chance to win Super Bowl LII? 1. New England Patriots. The Patriots have many key free agents from their 2016 team, but with almost $70 million in cap space, they will be able to re-sign some of them. The good thing for the Patriots is that all-pro tight … Continue reading The Top Contenders For Super Bowl LII

Baylor Should Receive the Death Penalty

Photo Credit: ESPN San Antonio The death penalty is a punishment most people are not familiar with, probably because it has only been delivered to one Division I program in the history of NCAA football. Southern Methodist (SMU) was punished in 1986 for illegally recruiting. The athletic director at the time told the head football coach to purposely recruit illegally simply because he believed that that … Continue reading Baylor Should Receive the Death Penalty

Super Bowl 51 Difference Makers

Photo Credit: 247sports For the last two weeks we have been hearing about the star players for the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, but which lesser- known players could have an impact on the game? 1. Austin Hooper. The Atlanta Falcons tight end has been productive throughout the season and that could continue on Sunday. Because the Patriots have to worry about players like … Continue reading Super Bowl 51 Difference Makers


Photo credit: Accountability is an important key in the life of a star athlete. The sooner an athlete takes responsibility for their poor actions, the sooner fans forgive and the media forgets. Being a star athlete is a package deal, even if you’re not being paid. It comes with fame, soon to be money (assuming the college athlete makes the pros), and being a role model. … Continue reading Accountability

America’s Team Flourishing

Photo credit: Week 1 of the 2016-17′ season an unfamiliar number 4 jogged out onto the turf to lead the Dallas Cowboys in the huddle. The fourth round draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft out of Mississippi State and NFL MVP candidate, Dak Prescott, completed 25 of 45 passing attempts for a total of 227 yards. Not bad for a rookie stepping in … Continue reading America’s Team Flourishing

Does Kansas Have Enough to Earn a 12th Straight Big 12 Title?

Photo credit: In the 1987-88 season, The University of Kansas and ‘Danny and the miracles’ snatched the 1988 National Title on Danny Manning’s game sealing free throws. As sweet as that sounds, legendary coach Larry Brown was facing multiple NCAA sanctions due to recruiting violations during the ’88 season, causing him to step down. Kansas was searching for a coach and found the perfect man, Roy Williams. Roy Williams had been an … Continue reading Does Kansas Have Enough to Earn a 12th Straight Big 12 Title?