SportsPress Developmental Writer Policy


  1. Add a featured image to your articles
  2. Give photo credit to your pictures.
  3. Use accurate facts and information.
  4. Write your own articles and not steal from another website.
  5. Let an administrator know if you are having trouble with the posting mechanics and site mechanics.
  6. Respect all group members.
  7. Refrain from using profanity in article and in the group chat.
  8. Post only about things relevant to sports.
  9. Refrain from giving the site a poor representation through your actions in real life and/or on social media.
  10. Let someone know if a serious incident (bullying and such) happens involving any group members.



  1. Add team logos to lists involving players and/or teams.


Failure to adhere to rule(s) will result in a ban.




  1. Changes to the policy MAY occur.